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Audio Conferencing

Audio Conferencing is a key feature that Kongkow Conferencing offers to its customers. 



Kongkow Conferencing is a completely on-demand conferencing call service. Set up a conference call any time, any where, from any phone without any reservations required. 


Web Conferencing

Kongkow Video Conferencing comes with Screen Sharing feature. You can share your browser or files to other participants.  


Instant Chatting

Instant Chatting allows you to ask questions or communicate with other participants or host of the conferences during the conferencing.


Video Conferencing

You can use Video Conferencing without installing any equipment. 


24 x 7

Our services is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Our services is available any time / any day. 


Supports All Carriers

Kongkow Conferencing provides one national number accessible from all of Indonesia. This is convenient for our users because there aren't tens of phone numbers to keep track of and we also provide a local phone number for Jakarta. This is a convenience provided for you if you're using your fixed line at phone.

You can call to this number using all GSM/CDMA operators in Indonesia even from fixed phone.


Cost Savings

Your company can save travelling and accommodation costs with using Kongkow Conferencing.