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27 Mar 2017

Wow, 4G LTE Network Is Now Available Throughout Sumatera Island!


Now, Telkomsel customers in Sumatera area don’t need to worry about bad connection or signal, because since March 2017, Telkomsel 4G LTE network has been available throughout Sumatera Island.


Telkomsel gives mobile broadband service in Sumatera which is on a par with big cities. Telkomsel built 4G LTE network to widen their coverage area at various areas, like: travel destination areas, remote areas, and state borders.


Telkomsel 4G LTE service has been available to any area in Sumatera Island and is enjoyed by every citizen at 154 thousand of district capitals in Sumatera.


To this day, Telkomsel has served more than 48 million of customers in Sumatera area, where 23 million of them are using data services—around 4.5 million of them has used 4G LTE service.


Within a year, the consumption of Telkomsel data services in this area has risen to 135%, where the most of it are from social media activity, video services, and instant messaging.


The use of Telkomsel in Sumatera area for communication is supported by more than 28,000 BTS, where half of them are BTS broadband (3G and 4G). The 4G LTE service itself is supported by reliable networks with deployment of more than 2,000 eNode B.


Within the last 5 months, Telkomsel has built more than 1,000 eNode B or new BTS 4G LTE in Sumatera area. In order of deployment of 4G network, Telkomsel always makes sure that the connectivity from customers with Telkomsel 4G LTE network keeps going wherever they are, whether it’s indoor or outdoor.


Telkomsel 4G LTE service can give customers the taste of real mobile digital lifestyle, where they can have better experience in downloading, uploading, or sharing lots of contents—such as: photo, video, games, application, etc. —in large files.






Kongkow Team