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17 Oct 2019

Video Call with 4 People Simultaneously with Whatsapp

Video calls are one of the best means of communication today. Moreover, using WhatsApp video conferencing, not only you can make video calls with one person, but also you can do it with up to four people.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing video conferencing using WhatsApp Group Call? Continue reading to get the answer.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging or messenger applications in the world. So far, there are more than one hundred million WhatsApp users worldwide. This application became increasingly popular when Facebook bought it.

One of the best features of WhatsApp is its ability to make video calls. 

But let’s first discuss, what are the advantages of WhatsApp compared to other messenger applications?

WhatsApp Strengths in General

Here are some of the advantages of WhatsApp is worth considering.

Easy to use

Whatsapp is one of the most natural messaging applications to use. Besides, this application also has an immaculate and simple appearance. However, the performance of this application can not be doubted.

Whatsapp is able to send various forms of messages quickly. Both text and multimedia messages. Apart from that, you can also send files using Whatsapp.

Another interesting feature of WhatsApp is ad-free. Because it is ad-free, WhatsApp is lighter and easier to use. Not only does it have an easy sending feature, but the WhatsApp video calling group is also not difficult to use for most people.

The reason why WhatsApp is easy to use is the integration of WhatsApp contacts with phone contacts. As long as your phone contacts use WhatsApp, they will automatically become part of your WhatsApp friends. Unlike other messengers that require you to register first.

Free of Charge and Ads

So far, Whatsapp is a completely free messenger app. In addition, WhatsApp also does not have enough ads to annoy users. Therefore, WhatsApp is freer compared to other messenger applications.

Whatsapp Video Conferencing

In this section, let's discuss specifically Whatsapp video conferencing. What are the pros and cons of Whatsapp video conferencing?


One of the advantages of WhatsApp video conferencing is that it can be used by up to four participants. So, if you want to have conversations with several members of your family simultaneously you can use Whatsapp video conferencing.

This feature you can use easily. And you can use it without limits for free.


The only disadvantage of Whatsapp group calls are the maximum number of participants is only four people. Of course, this feature is not very suitable if you need to do a video conference with a large number of participants.

Like when you will do a video conference for company meetings. Then the number of four participants will certainly not enough. In addition, Whatsapp video conferencing also does not have screen sharing and recording features that are very important for company meetings.

For corporate meeting video calls, the appropriate video conference application is G-Net Meet Now. G-Net Meet Now is able to accommodate video conferences with more than four participants.

In addition, with G-Net Meet Now, every video conference participant can do screen sharing. You can also record the video conference process with the recording feature. So, there is no need to have difficulty in making meeting notes.

Finally, each application has advantages and disadvantages depending on the intent of use. Whatsapp is appropriate for personal use while G-Net Meet Now is the best choice for corporate use.