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04 Apr 2018

Last Updated: 15-FEB-2020. This article was first written on 04-APR-2015, and was updated on 03-AUG-2017 to reflect changes in the teleconferencing world. Newest update was done on 15-FEB-2020 for the latest and greatest  update. 

Teleconference is a live meeting or conversation conducted among participants in different locations using telecommunications equipment.

These days there are three types of teleconferencing that are frequently used, either for business or social activities, i.e. :

1. Audio Conference (Conference Call)

Audio Conference also known as conference calling is a conversation between three or more participants using individual phone service in which the communication is done by voice only (audio).

Conference call is the most popular types of teleconferencing as benefits provided, among others as follow :

  • No need particular software to hold a teleconference beside your regular phone.
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere and no need to perform additional device configuration.

To do conference calling, all participants can call a specific number where they will be connected to a conference bridge that connect all participant in one conference room. Usually there will be additional fees charged by conference provider.

Kongkow Conferencing is the first conference call provider in Indonesia who provides free and instant conference call service. There are no additional charge using their services. In addition, we also video conferencing provider over the internet (cloud video conferencing) and web conferencing. 

2. Video Conference

Video conference is a communication technology that allow three or more participants in different location make a conversation using voice and video image simultaneously.

This kind of teleconference can be done through IP network (via internet) or ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network).

Although the video conference has its advantages with the visual display (video), the use of this teleconferencing is still less popular in Indonesia because of some reasons as follow.:

  • Need some special devices like video input (video camera or webcam), video output (monitor), audio input (microphone) and audio output (speaker) and also data transfer facilities like ISDN, LAN or Internet)
  • Relatively expensive

Previously video conferencing is used more by the television media and large-scale enterprises. Now, with the cheap internet becoming a commodity across Indonesia, video conferencing is becoming a common occurrence. 

3. Web Conference

Web conference also known as webinars is the interactive teleconference that offers more features like data stream in which all conference participants can communicate using text, voice, video image, file sharing anda doing slide presentation simultaneously.

To perform a web conference you need to install a special software provided by web conference provider and using TCP/IP connection.

Web conference can be performed using a computer equipped with multimedia devices like webcam, microphone dan speaker, and also an internet connection

With more features, a web conference tool simpler than regular video conference. This kind of teleconference most used for online seminar or workshop.

Kongkow Conferencing is the first conference call provider in Indonesia who provides free and instant conference call service. There are no additional charge using their services for the basic plan (up to 5 participants). In addition, we also video conference provider over the internet (cloud video conferencing), web conference provider and screen sharing provider in Indonesia market. We are proud to be the pioneer.