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23 May 2017

Tri Launched Bima+, One Stop Application for Calls, Chatting, Film, Music, Games, and Workpiece


Mobile operator Hutchison 3 Indonesia (Tri) launched new application Bima+, a one-stop application that provides call, chatting, film, music, games and creative works.


Bima+ application is also an access for every young generation to enjoy the excitement of millennial life. With Bima+, young generations can find this excitement from one access. Like, enjoy streaming various type of films, music and games, and even lots of other digital contents. They also can make a call and chat with their friends, as much as they want to for free, inside the available chatroom in Bima+.


Tri invite all children of this nation who have various talents and creations in creative industries, whether it’s music, film, games, fashion, design, or others, to join in Bima+ and get connected with 56,8 millions of customers of Tri and other mobile operators from all over Indonesia—because Bima+ isn’t unlimited to Tri users only.


Any creative works from our people, which haven’t been exposed yet, will bring the excitement for every young Indonesian who has high digital lifestyle. Bima+ will be a hub where all youngsters virtually gather and find the excitement of a digital lifestyle built from our people.


A digital application created by our people, Bima+, is a digital stage and creative hub for Indonesian young people to be innovative and creative. Bima+ gives advantage for everyone who wants to participate in creative industry, and also needs diverse contents and a curated application with high quality.


Like a virtual mall, Bima+ will be an application for accessing lots of excitement in life. The majority of Tri customers are millennials and users of data networks, whether it’s 3G or 4G. They also like various contents, such as streaming and online shopping.


Some features provided inside Bima+ application are as follows:


&Co: a creative hub where Indonesian young, creative people meet. Various workpieces—from any category: fashion, accessories, hobbies, foods, drinks, home living, etc.—from our children of the nation will be curated and can be accessed through Bima+ in &Co Page. Some of the renowned local brands are Conduct Metalworks dan Lancellot in accessories, Amanda Hartanto Batik in fashion, and Spedagi in hobbies.


Movie, Music, Games: lots of application and movie, music, and games created by local or global people are available here. You just need to pay with Tri credit for any purchase in here, and share the excitement of every transaction of digital content via Twitter or FB account.


Digital Chat & Call: chatting and talking as much as you want—for free—through the feature of call to fellow Bima+ users within Bima+ application.


Shake & Reward: the first excitement of Bima+ in Indonesia! Customers can shake their phone, then if they are lucky, they will get various surprising gifts.


Digital Assistant: an access to be connected to customer service and various information of Tri products. Bima+ users can directly chat to complain or ask about Bima+ products and services.


Bima+ can be downloaded for free at Google Play Store, not limited to Tri users only, but any Indonesian. Bima+ is supported with Tri network, included 4G LTE Tri network, which has been available in 227 cities and districts, and 7.300 rural areas, in Jawa, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, and Lombok.


Wherein Tri launched Bima+ as the meeting point for our young generation in form of free calls and chatting, Kongkow provides a place for teleconference, in which young entrepreneurs can gather and talk. So, with conference call Tri through audio, or video conference Tri, there will be neither distance nor barrier. For more information about Kongkow Conferencing, Kongkowers can contact us at (021) 3049-9504. We will offer audio conferencing Tri or video conferencing Tri for all Kongkowers in Indonesia.



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