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14 Mar 2016

Hello Kongkowers

This time we will provide information on how to save money on your postpaid celluler plan using Hotrod Priorit saving tips XL Postapid using Hotrod Priority, Before we delve further into XL Priority Hotrod, we will discuss the diffrence between XL Prepaid and XL Postpaid

Prepaid : Customer can be choose the desired packages in accordance with the credit  that the customer has, and customer is  free to choose the package that will be purchased

Postpaid : Customer can choose the package in accordance with the package provided by  XL Axiata. Each month, theustomer will get the bill according to usage, and if we use the XL Package customers get  a choice of S,M,L,XL customers can choose the package according to customer requirements and will be paid  automatically through debit or credit card

Well. We already discussed the difference cards between XL Prepaid and XL Postpaid. Now we will discuss more about  XL Hotrod priority and saving your money, the advantages of using XL Hotrod priority, if previously we have discussed about saving tips using the XL Card its free to use efficient package anynet with free to all operators, free roaming throughout Indonesia. On this occasion we will discuss about how to use the XL Postpaid saving using XL Priority and here are the steps for registration :

  1. Complete your data
  2. Confirm your registration
  3. Put your credit card information

So, if you  want follow the package there are several package option XL Hotrood Priority :

  1. Prio S : Price Rp. 100.000,- Quota internet : 2GB, Free calls and SMS To all operators 0r 100 minutes (Optimal for : browsing, email and Facebook)
  2. Prio M : Price Rp. 150.000,- Quota internet : 6GB, Free calls and SMS To all operators 0r 150 minutes (Optimal for ONE USER : Streaming music, online at anytime)
  3. Prio L : Price Rp. 250.000,- Quota internet : 12GB, Free calls and SMS To all operators 0r 250 minutes (Optimal for GAMES : Streaming video, share data)
  4. Prio XL: Price Rp. 350.000,- Quota internet : 25GB, Free calls and SMS To all operators 0r 350 minutes (Optimal for FAMILIES : Small Business, larga data users)

Well, alot of the advantages if we use the XL Hotrod Priority, because by the we will save internet needs us the downsize to package of telephone and free roaming for all operators, other than that if we want to make a conference call using Kongkow Conferencing you can use the package to suit needs

For Example, If I use the packages prio S How much money do I save?  

I have a data plan Prio rates XL S RP.100.000 Ive been : 2 gb, free calls and sms 100 minutes and free roaming to other operators, If I do not use the XL Prioritas S, So  I must pay 2gb : Rp 60.000 for call Monday- Friday : Rp 300/ 6 second for Saturday- Sunday : 300/5second means in one minutei Have pay the tarif 3000/minutes. If we use the priority XL Effective package the I save around Rp 340.000,- Its simple is not??

If I purchase Prio S with only Rp 100,000 per month, this means I’m getting 2GB of internet data and 100 minutes of free phones, and 100 SMS for Free. In addition, I get free roaming package as well. Without the Prio package, this means I’m paying Rp 60,000 alone for the data. Considering that XL retail tariff is about Rp 300 per 6 seconds, that means a 100 minute call cost Rp 300,000. Therefore, the amount of money I will save using XL Prio S is about Rp 340,000. Awesome right?

So, If you want to use Kongkow Conferencing then you can join XL Effective and Hotrod Priority free calls to Kongkow and can speak with more than one person.  Interesting is not it?? Want to know how to register for Kongkow. It’s easy to use conferencin(enter name, email address, telephone No, Pass Email) After Obtaining the Room ID for Kongkow,  you can directly using Kongkow Conferencing service.  

How To use :

  1. Share Code/PIN and access number (021-50158585 or 0888-6158585)
  2. Schedule date/time for discuss
  3. At the scheduled date/time, all participants dial the access number, and enter the Room ID


If Kongkowers still have questions, please call our customer service number at 021-296080888 or you can open a web Kongkow in for instant chat

Attention please :

Kongkow team is not responsible for changes in the promo, for more information about Priority Hotrod Kongkowers XL can Contact to

A few tips form us in

Congratulations and Good Luck in your activities. Always use Kongkow Conferencing for all of your conferencing needs.