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12 Nov 2015

After our previous blog about how to make a conference call using XL sim card for "super hemat seharian", we now want to inform you about XL new package  "Nelp Kemana Aja"

Here we can save with XL simcard while using conference call when you register to *123# and look for calling package called “AnyNet (Ke Semua Operator)” :

  • Telpon 50 menit (Rp. 11.000)

  • Telpon 100 menit (Rp. 27.500)

  • Telpon 250 menit (Rp. 55.000)

  • Telpon 600 menit (Rp. 110.000)

Today Kongkow check that XL anynet has new rates

Hi Kongkowers,ada perubahan nih mengenai paket kemana aja:

Telpon 100 menit : Rp. 30.000,- masa aktif 7 hari

Telpon 250 menit : Rp 60.000,- masa aktif 30 hari

telpon 600 menit : Rp 120.000,- masa aktif 30 hari

After you sign up for Kongkow’s ROOM ID(sign up here) and for XL package explained above, now you can ask your friends to sign up for XL package as well.  You then give them your Kongkow’s ROOM ID and ask them to call Kongkow (021)5015-8585 atau 08886158585 at the time you want to conference.  Everyone enters your Kongkow ROOM ID.  

With only Rp 55.000, You can have discussion for 250 minutes with up to 15 participants.  

Our Disclaimers: With the many different types of XL Axiata SIM CARD (XLku,XL bebas,XL Pospaid,XL Serbu,and other XL Prepaid plan) and the provider of tarif may change their rates.  Whether you are using XL or other operator/simcards, it's best to check to make sure you have registered correctly or have gotten the best deal possible when calling.  Kongkow team is not responsible for any rate changes.

That's all the tips we have for doing KONGKOW conference call using XL Sim Card

Kongkow Team