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23 Sep 2015

After our previous blog about how to make a conference call using Telkomsel for only a thousand rupiahs, we got a lot of questions about how to do teleconferencing with a low cost using another carriers. Here we want to share a tips we discovered to save money making teleconferencing using XL SIM Card.

First, you need to activate “Super Sampe Puas Seharian” package in order to get the best tariff for using teleconference with XL card. How to you do this? It’s easy. Just press *123#, then select “Pkt Nelpon/Pkt Super Hemat” After you select this option, select “Super Sampe Puas Seharian” package. With this package, you only pay 3 minutes of regular tariff to PSTN / other operators, and you will get 15 free minutes. This means that with five thousand four hundred rupiahs, you can call 0888-615-8585 or 021-5015-8585, and your prepaid balance will only get deducted by Rp 5400 for using teleconference service for 18 minutes. It’s cheap right?

The “Super Sampe Puas Seharian” package is also useful to save money for calling other XL Axiata users. According to this page, after spending Rp 2000 calling XL Axiata users, you can call other XL Axiata users for however long you wish.

Our Disclaimers:

With the many different types of XL Axiata SIM Card (XLku, XL Bebas, XL Pascabayar, XL Serbu, and other XL Prepaid plan), and the number of tariff changes made by XL Axiata, it’s best to check first to make sure you have register correctly, and to make sure you are getting the best deal possible calling XL to PSTN / other operators.

That’s all the tips we have for conference calling XL and cheapest rate for teleconferencing using XL card. Have a productive day, and please click Like on the upper left corner of this page if you like this article. We love hearing your comments and feedback.  

Kongkow Team


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