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06 Apr 2016

Cost Saving Tips in Using Freedom Combo Indosat Ooredoo


What’s up, Kongkowers? Have you tried using Kongkow? Hmm… what kind of new information about Kongkow Conferencing will we get now?


Well, this time, we will talk about cost saving tips for using Indosat Ooredoo. Why should we choose Indosat Ooredoo? Because with Indosat Ooredoo, you can get more internet quota plus free calls and SMS.


Here we will give you information about cheap packages from Indosat Ooredoo and cost saving tips in using cost saving packages from IM3 Freedom Combo, in which all you need is in one package. Written below is the list of cost saving packages of Freedom Combo Indosat Ooredoo:

  1. Package M : Free Calls and SMS, 12 GB quota for email, browsing, and chatting. Price: Rp 45.000,- (active period: 30 days)
  2. Package L : Free Calls and SMS, 16 GB quota for email, browsing, and chatting. Price: Rp 65.000,- (active period: 30 days)
  3. Package XL : Free Calls and SMS, 20 GB quota for email, browsing, and chatting. Price: Rp 149.000,- (active period: 30 days)
  4. Package XXL : Free Calls and SMS, 30 GB quota for email, browsing, and chatting. Price: Rp 199.000,- (active period: 30 days)


So, what are you waiting for? Register your internet quota by using cost saving packages from Indosat Ooredoo. As for free calls and SMS, it’s only applicable if you use these to people who also use Indosat Ooredoo. Though, if you use Freedom Combo Package from Indosat Ooredoo, and you have family, friends, or relatives who are overseas, you can call and message them as much as you want. But if you visit or travel overseas and use Indosat Ooredoo, the tariff will be back to normal.


What’s more, if Kongkowers want to use Kongkow Conference Call, you can use Indosat Ooredoo Phone Call Package, in which you get 150 minutes/month just for Rp 40.000.


Cost Saving Tips for Using Indosat Ooredoo : Freedom Combo (Package M : Rp 45.000/month) + (Phone Call Package : Rp 40.000/month), your monthly expense will be Rp 85.000. Thus, it will be cheaper than using regular package.


Regular package : 10 GB quota = Rp 130.000/month. The cost for making a call for 1 minute is approximately Rp 2.000, so the cost of calls (with the same amount as Phone Call Package) will be 150 minutes x Rp 2.000 = Rp 300.000. If you add all of these, the total is Rp 430.000/month.


Wow, that is a huge amount of cost we should pay if we don’t use the cost saving package from Freedom Combo Indosat Ooredoo and Indosat Ooredoo Phone Call Package. From now on, change your SIM card to Indosat Ooredoo and make use of this tariff package—not the one with basic tariff.


By the way, if you want to hold a meeting for your company, or discussion for your community, you can immediately use this 150-minutes phone call package for Kongkow Conferencing.


If Kongkowers want to try Kongkow Conferencing service within two weeks for free, please enter your data at this page.


How to use Kongkow Conferencing:

  1. Share the code/PIN and access code (the line is (021) 5015-8585 or 0888-6158585)
  2. Discuss about the meeting schedule
  3. Kongkow Conference Call can immediately be used if the participants can enter

If Kongkowers has any question about conference call indosat, you can call (021) 3049-9504.


Kongkow Team won’t be responsible for any change in the promotion that’s done by IM3. For further information about Data Rollover, Kongkowers can visit

That’s it for today’s tips on using Indosat Ooredoo. We hope that these tips are useful for saving your money and getting the cheapest price to use Conference Call Indosat or Conference Call IM3.


Have a good day, and don’t forget to use Kongkow Conferencing, guys!