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Home » Blog » these-are-the-reasons-why-kongkowers-need-to-buy-combo-xtra-package-from-xl-axiata
02 May 2017

Hi Kongkowers, how are you? In previous article, Team Kongkow has explained the latest feature from Telkomsel (Talkmania All Operator) and why calling all operator is cheap and affordable. In this article, we will explain why the 12GB Combo Xtra Package from XL Axiata is the best priced package at the moment. At the end of this article, we will show you how to register for this package. XL Axiata is not actively marketing this product, but a similarly named product called Xtra Combo). But, this older package is definitely the way to go.

1. Big 4G quota. Combo Xtra L gives generous quota for 4G internet. For the 59 thousand rupiah package, Kongkowers will get 10GB of data. That is a very good price for the value that you get.

2. Reasonable quota for 2G/3G/4G. Face it, in Indonesia, 4G network is still being build out. Therefore, XL Axiata gives you 2GB of data for the 59 thousand rupiah package. This is enough data if you are light users and use social media, instant chatting, e-mail and light browsing. However, if you are on YouTube all the time, and watches Genflix, iflix, or whatever movie show out there on a regular basis, this quota will not be enough. We suggest you go with the XL, or XXL package.

4. Telephone Minutes for All Operator. Kongkowers will get 50 minutes quota for calling all operator within the package period. If you need more minutes, XL Axiata will charge you 150 Rupiah (one hundre fifty rupiah per minute beyond the 50 minutes quota). This is a very reasonable price, and a savings of up to 92.5% over regular tariff (if you do not buy Combo Xtra Package)

In conclusion, Combo Xtra package is the best deal for calling and internet out there in Indonesia. If your places of activities (House, Office, and others) have good XL Axiata, we suggest you check it out.

Now, there are ways that this package can be better. We wish that XL Axiata had included SMS to all operator. That would be really nice.

One more thing, XL is not actively marketing Combo Xtra anymore. Right now, they are focusing on Xtra Combo, which has less minutes to all operator, and less 4G quota. We suggest you buy the Combo Xtra package from Traveloka, Bukalapak, Blanja or Gopulsa from Gojek. Alternatively, you can search on, and search for Combo Xtra. Make sure you select the one with "Tipe Lama" or "Old Types" for better deal.

Have a productive day,



Kongkow Team