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15 Mar 2018

Last Updated: 24-SEP-2019

In this digital era, the ease of internet access makes cellular phone users, including Telkomsel customers, frequently share media and document through handphone, computer, laptop, notebook, or any other gadget.

But, often, limited memory in the phone or laptop interferes users’ convenience of sharing or accessing file.

The use of handphone is not far from data saving problem. A lot of people often have troubles of full data storage in their handphone memory. Such data can be documents, photos, or videos.

In these last years, more and more users use cloud-based storage service. It’s recorded that the growth of cloud-service users had reached approximately 35% in 2017.

That’s the reason why Telkomsel provides cloud-based data storage service, CloudMAX. CloudMAX facilitates users to save, back-up, restore, and share file in cloud for affordable price, CloudMAX services all types of Telkomsel users.

Data, photo, and video saving can be done fast, safely—and, more importantly, they can be accessed anytime and anywhere through mobile application.

Besides backup and restore feature, CloudMAX also provides other features that are useful to users. ‘Family Cloud’ can be used together by some Telkomsel customers at the same time, ‘Memory Cleaner’ can make extra space in gadget’s memory, ‘Offline Mode’ allows document access without internet connection, ‘Document Sharing’ provides a link to share document, and ‘Facial Recognition’ helps searching and seeing photo based on the face from photos in CloudMAX.

To subscribe to this service, people can immediately download CloudMAX application in their smartphone from Play Store or App Store. Then, they only need to register by using their own Telkomsel network and number. After registration, new user of CloudMAX will get free trial with 10GB capacity within their first 3 months.

CloudMAX Telkomsel service can be enjoyed by KartuHalo, simPATI, Kartu As, and LOOP customers. This service is available in 50GB capacity of memory package for Rp 16.500 and 100GB for Rp 22.000—all for 30-days use.

Team Aplika