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28 Aug 2017

Let’s Try Telkomsel Hajj Package!


Among Kongkowers, whose parents, families, or relatives who will go on Hajj? Well, for you, who will be left by people because of Hajj to Mecca, no need to worry of difficult communication! Why? Because Telkomsel launched the new package: Telkomsel Hajj Package 2017. 


To prepare for the conduct of Hajj 2017, Telkomsel package hajj presented various products and services to ensure comfortable communication experience while customers are in the Holy Land. During Hajj, Telkomsel customers can still use cellular service with 3-in-1 Hajj Package, consisted of call, SMS, and internet service with affordable price and Hajj promo tariff—available in all operator networks in Saudi Arabia.


Also, customers don’t need to worry about whether running out of their phone credit or having trouble of getting service. Because, there are a complete channel for top up your credit, customer service—such as 24 hours Call Center—and service center like GraPARI Mekkah, Madinah, and Jeddah, which will open every day to serve every customer’s needs.


While being in the Holy Land, customers can make a call to anyone for Rp 6.000/minute. For receiving a call, they will be charged only Rp 3.000/minute.


On sending SMS to any number, customers just need to pay Rp 1.000/SMS, while receiving SMS is free. Also, they can enjoy internet access as much as they want to for Rp 500/10KB with maximum charge of Rp 35.000/day.


Customers can also save more than 50% of the communication cost by activating 3-in-1 Hajj Promo Package. This 3-in-1 Hajj Promo Package has 20-days package—consisted of: call to Indonesian number for 40 minutes, receiving call for 40 minutes, 40 SMS, and 7 GB of internet data for 20 days in Saudi Arabia—for Rp 550.000 (tax included).


There are also 40-days 3-in-1 Package, 20-days Internet Package, 40-days Internet Package, and 1-day Talk Mania Package, which can be freely chosen per customer’s needs. For more information and activation of any of those packages, customers can contact *266*15#.


On access menu *266#, Telkomsel also provides Roaming Gift service. With this service, Hajj pilgrims’ relatives who are in Indonesia, or other countries, can help to activate or buy package for Hajj pilgrims who are in the Holy Land. Therefore, every pilgrim can go on their pilgrimage comfortably without being worried that they will run out of credit.


Telkomsel also makes sure the availability of every channel for top-up, whether it’s using voucher, electronic voucher (M-Kios), or through ATM, credit transfer service, SMS Banking, or T-CASH.


By the way, if Kongkowers want to have a communication with your flight group or families, you can use Kongkow Conferencing as your means of smooth and efficient communication.


If Kongkowers want to try Kongkow Conferencing service for two weeks for free, please input your data at


If Kongkowers have any question about conference call KartuHalo, you can contact us at (021) 3049-9504 or info [at] kongkow [dot] com.