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22 May 2017

Telkomsel and Cisco Launched Complete Services for Business Communication


Telkomsel, in collaboration with Cisco, launched an application service, called Telkomsel Unified Collaboration, to completely collaborate any business communication need.


As businessmen’s need of business communication and collaboration grows, Telkomsel, together with Cisco, launched the solution: Telkomsel Unified Collaboration powered by Cisco Spark.


Telkomsel Unified Collaboration service is an application-based business solution that uses Internet Protocol (IP) technology—which could integrate many business communication needs within a company—to support business productivity. In short, Telkomsel and Cisco have created IP-based application for corporation.


Business grows as times changes, therefore, the competition will also be faster and tighter. In this digital era, the support of information technology and communication will be a crucial point for the company to be able to stay ahead of the competition.


Therefore, Telkomsel brought Telkomsel Unified Collaboration to bridge those needs for supporting business productivity. Telkomsel, with Cisco’s collaboration as global leader for collaboration technology, brings the most wanted product Cisco Spark in Indonesia.


Nowadays, we see that the communication device trend has changed from fixed telephony to mobile telephony. Telkomsel Unified Collaboration itself combines the features of call and conference (voice and video), messaging (instant and group chat), and collaboration (file, desktop, and virtual whiteboard) to one application.


Cisco Spark is a solution that collaborate various communication media, whether it’s call, video, chat, or meeting. All features are the important elements from smart digital office which help to improve productivity and cost efficiency.


This service supports its customers to communicate not only easily, but also safely.


As a part of service for corporation in Telkomsel MyBusiness, Telkomsel Unified Collaboration can be used in a company or big company or small and medium business from any business segment, like: manufacture, transportation, trading, hospitality, communication, service, agriculture, construction, mining, and energy.


Furthermore, Telkomsel Unified Collaboration has other benefits, such as: the simple usage from being all-in-one application, a pay-as-you-grow system, and the utilization of full cloud architecture, so that the company can make efficient investing tools.



This complete service can also be used in any data network, whether it’s 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. The application also can use any device with consistent screen, is connected with Exchange Server, and has open API. Moreover, this service is safe—data-wise—to be utilized by user.


Telkomsel MyBusiness


Telkomsel MyBusiness solution is provided to big company or corporation, government, and small or medium business, depending on the customer’s need, to help and develop user’s business.


Telkomsel MyBusiness gives varied solution that can be specifically adjusted, depending on the segment and needs. For Enterprise customers in corporation, government, and Large Enterprise segments, Telkomsel provides Enterprise Communication, Push to Talk, and Web2SMS. Another solution is Enterprise Mobility, such as: Mobile Broadband Solution (Telkomsel Flash, Data Secured Access), Device Solution (Device Bundling, Mobile Device Management), and Collaboration Solution (Unified Communication, Mobile Conference Call).


Other than that, it also provides solution in Cloud Service, like Business Connect and Sales Force Automation, as well as VAS Solution, like Top Up Corporate and NSP Corporate.


Telkomsel MyBusiness also gives exclusive solution to support small and medium businessmen’s activity, and helps developing this business in Indonesia—even until they reach the global market.


Telkomsel is supported by 4G LTE broadband that has been spreaded to almost 500 thousand cities and districts in Indonesia. For now, Telkomsel continues to provide networks in any area in Indonesia, where 61% of the total number of 137,000 BTS (Base Transceiver Station) is BTS Broadband.


For Kongkowers who are interested in getting more information about conference call cisco, audio conferencing cisco or video conferencing cisco, please contact us at 021-3049-9504 or info [at] kongkow [dot] com.