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11 Sep 2017

Telkom Had Made Sukabumi as Smart City


Telkom finished Telkom Modern City Program in Sukabumi in early August 2017. The program, which tries to modernize network from copper cables to 100% fiber optic, has made Sukabumi to be the first Telkom Modern City in Indonesia.


The modernization is set simultaneously with the process of disabling Automatic Telephone Central (STO) Sukabumi with 59 other STOs throughout Indonesia—a mark of change of the network system to fiber optic.


Previously, the establishment of Modern City took 3 years to be made. Telkom and Sukabumi Government are determined to work together in maintaining city’s aesthetic through improving the network and giving better digital communication service.


The installation of fiber optic network in Sukabumi was done to improve the quality of customer service generally. So, in the future, people can enjoy various internet service and integrated communication or Internet of Things, such as: Home Security, Office Security, and other applications that support the implementation of Smart City.


Recently, Sukabumi City itself is ranked 8 from 25 cities which are pilot projects of smart city in infrastructure preparation. Telkom’s role—represented by Telkom Witel Sukabumi—in the implementation of Sukabumi Smart City was to provide internet network to every Regional Work Unit (Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah/SKPD) throughout Sukabumi, so SKPD has their own application now.


Telkom also supports around 15 Puskesmas in Sukabumi City through E-Puskesmas application and its internet network. The purpose is to improve health service there. Citizens can also view monitoring service through CCTV Online from Sukabumi Department of Transportation, to which Telkom has provided its network and servers. 


WiFi Corner is also available, so people can easily access internet and do various positive activities. The access points of WiFi Corner are at: the yard of Masjid Agung Sukabumi, and Digital Plaza—the result of collaboration between Telkom and Sukabumi City Administration in providing public internet access points.


From UKM sector or other industries in Sukabumi can also enjoy this digital service to boost productivity, since this fiber-optic-based technology can provide bigger bandwidth and minimalize the risk of network interference.

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