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Home » Blog » sisa-kuota-im3-ooreedoo-tak-hilang-karena-usia
08 Feb 2017

For Kongkowers who often feels annoyed or not satisfied since your internet quota just goes to waste because of time limit, worry no more! For the first time, Indosat service provider had created a breakthrough that had never been done before in telecommunication industry.


What is that? Indosat made a new feature, Data Rollover, to any subscriber of Monthly Internet Package from IM3 Ooredoo.


With Data Rollover, the user, who doesn’t use up their main quota within that month, can use the unused quota for the following months up to one year.


This additional feature, that had been launched at the end of January 2017, is presented for subscribers of Freedom Combo or any of IM3 Ooredoo Monthly Internet Package. In other words, every month, Kongkowers can automatically save the unused quota for free.


If you think about it, the launch of this feature is so right! What the customers had paid is their own right, so it shouldn’t be gone to waste just because of time limit. This Data Rollover feature can save Kongkowers’ unused quota from Indosat Ooredoo—nice, isn’t it?


Now, Kongkowers don’t need to worry anymore. The quota you have paid for is what you will fully get.


Kongkowers only need to make sure your credit is enough when it’s time for package renewal or when you want to rebuy monthly internet package with the same or higher price.


Well then, enjoy this Data Rollover IM3 feature!