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13 Mar 2017

Recommendation for SIM Card for short trip in Singapore 

Singapore? Who does not know Singapore? Many Indonesians like to travel to Singapore. Singapore is known for its shopping center, clean city, and many tourists attractions that are friendly to family. Names like Universal Studio Singapore, Singapore Zoo, and Sentosa Island are few of the famous tourist attractions. Kongkowers can also enjoy the excellent public transportation in Singapore. From bus, taxi, Uber or Grab, MRT, you will not have to rent private cars to get around Singapore. You can practically get anywhere in Singapore with the MRT and public transportation. Of course, your trip will not be complete without culinary adventures at famous restaurant or hawker centers throughout Singapore. 

 For Kongkowers who still want to stay online to update their social media accounts like Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram, Path, Snapchat and many others, how do you pick cheap Singapore SIM Card? There are so many brands out there. Singtel, M1, Starhub, or Circles Life? Which one do you pick? In this article, Team Kongkow will show you how to pick the best quality SIM Card for the best price in Singapore for short trip. We define short trip as a trip for less than 5 days. After this article, you will be able to pick the best option for internet package in Singapore.

The first alternative is Singtel Hi!Tourist SIM card. You can buy this card for only 15 (Fifteen) Singapore dollar. You will get 4GB Data, 500 minutes for Singapore Local calls, 100 Local SMS (to other Singapore users), and 30 minutes of international calls. This is a very good deal. You can get so many minutes especially compared to the package you get in Indonesia. You will also get a Singapore phone number that you can give to your friends. This is useful so that your Singapore friend can contact you easily. With 4GB of local data, you can watch video without worry. You also get 500 minutes of local call for free. Unlike mobile package in Indonesia, you do not to worry about the operator that you are calling, because the 500 minutes you get is for all Singapore Mobile Operator. With Singtel international VoIP package (019 call), you can get 30 minutes of international calling to Indonesia (PSTN and Telkomsel) number for free. If this is not enough minutes for you, you can use Whatsapp Call because Singtel network is very stable. Moreover, SingTel is already on LTE-A (LTE Advanced), so that your Whatsapp Call will be stable. 4GB will be more than enough for your short trip in Singapore. 

The second alternative is to activate your Roaming Package from Telkomsel. This is available for almost all of your Telkomsel SIM cards like Loop, Kartu As, Simpati, KartuHalo and HaloKick! Paket Roaming is available for all of those packages as long as you have enough prepaid credit in your phone. You can also register through myTelkomsel apps that is available through iOS or Google Playstore. With prices as low as Rp 50,000 through Rp 120,000, this alternative is perfect for short trip. Spending Rp 120,000 (or 12SGD) is cheaper than spending Rp 150,000 (15 SGD) for 3 days trip. Now, if you pick this option, just make sure you do not pick up any phone call from Indonesia unless it is super urgent or from the number that you recognize. You will lose so much credit by picking up phone calls. It is even worse if you accept a telemarketing phone call while you are overseas. Now, this option is also perfect if you do not plan to call any singapore local number, and you just need the data. However, please moderate your use of data. If you stream Youtube or other online video shows, you will go through your allotted data very quickly. 

The third alternative is the Happy Prepaid SIM Card from StarHub. This card can be purchased for as low as 18 SGD (eighteen Singapore dollar). This is about one hundred and eighty thousand rupiah. You can even purchase the Happy Prepaid SIM Card when you land in Singapore at a nearby money changer kiosk. Now, one tip that we have: Make sure you do not buy the 32SGD plan or 50SGD plan, because you do not need that much usages when you are only in singapore for a short period of time.  You will get plenty of data, plenty of minutes, and plenty of SMS allotment. 

Now, that is all the recommendation that we have for selecting the right SIM card in Singapore. There are other options that are available, however, we did not think that the other options are cost effective. Do not forget, if you have any needs for Conference Call Singapore, you can contact our customer service about premium conference call packages from Kongkow Conferencing. We have dial-in number in so many countries, therefore the Singapore dial-in number is just one of the premium feature from Kongkow Conferencing. If you have any need for Conference Call Singapore, Audio Conferencing Singapore, or Video Conferencing Singapore contact us as soon as possible.

See you in our next article. We plan to write about selecting good quality and cheap SIM Card in United Kingdom.



Team Kongkow