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29 Nov 2017

Prepaid SIM Card Registration Should Use KTP and KK 

For you who often change SIM Card, you should be careful. Starting October 31th, 2017 Ministry of Communication and Informatics will necessitate registration of customer’s number using ID Number (Nomor Induk Kependudukan/NIK). The purpose is to give protection to customer and for the purpose of national single identity.

Registration isn’t only applied to new customers, but old ones should also do re-registration. If you don’t do it, new customers won’t be able to activate the SIM card and old ones will get their number blocked gradually.

Well, how to register? It’s not difficult, really. For new customers, you just need to send SMS of NIK#KKnumber# to 4444, while for old ones ULANG#NIK#KKNumber#. If previously you can send a random KTP number in registration, now you can’t do it anymore. Because, the KK and KTP number, of which customer has sent, will be validated to Ditjen Dukcapil database.

There are some rumours that registration should state your mother’s name. But Ministry of Communication and Informatics had confirmed that you don’t need to do that.

Besides SMS, registration can also be done through the site, application or official outlets of your phone number’s telecommunication operator.

Then, what to do if you have already gave the correct data but can’t be validated? Don’t worry. You can fill in statement letter that states that every entered data is right so customer is legally responsible for the authenticity of the submitted data. After that, telecommunication operator will activate customer’s number within 1x24 hour.

This registration process of new and old customers takes time. So the government gives time to telecommnication operator until February 28th, 2018 to succeed this program.


Tim Kongkow



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