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18 May 2017

President Jokowi : The 5th Most Followed World Leader on Instagram


It’s no secret that digital technology is an effective medium to communicate with people all over the world without any limit. For example, social media is used by some world leaders and figures to send their political message, or just as a way to express themselves and show their existence. Of course, this includes President Joko Widodo.


President Joko Widodo, or President Jokowi, has been noted to have significant influence on Instagram. Do Kongkowers know that the amount of followers on his instagram account @Jokowi has increased to 673%—or equal to 3.7 million followers—in the last year?


This increased growth makes Jokowi as the 5th most followed world leaders on Instagram. Moreover, he’s also the 4th most interactive world leaders with total of 17,244,999 interactions.


According to the newest report and study “World Leaders on Instagram,” which was released by Burson-Marsteller, a global Public Relation firm, Jokowi also stands as the 7th most effective world leaders on Instagram with the interaction rate of 3.68%, or 59,058 uploaded interactions.


On the other side, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has overtaken America’s Ex-President Barack Obama’s position as the most followed world leaders on Instagram with 6.8 million followers, followed by America’s President Donald J. Trump with 6.3 million.


With 3.7 million followers, Pope Francis is placed on 3th position—one rank above White House account that has 3.4 million followers.


The Burson-Marsteller study noted that 73 country leaders, 38 heads of state and government, and also 28 prime ministers have their personal account on Instagram. This study analyzed the activities on 325 Instagram account of world’s leaders and governments during the last 12 months by using data aggregation from CrowdTangle tool from Facebook.


As of 1 April 2017, those accounts have accumulated a total amount of 48.7 million followers and published approximately 61,281 posts in the last 12 months which, in turn, have produced 371.7 million interactions (comments and likes).


World leaders use Instagram so that their message can get across people by interesting and creative means of some features on said platform. They create impressive stories and collage of pictures on Instagram; they even publish many videos with 1 video for every 10 published posts. Selfie has changed traditional pictures of shaking hands as new diplomatic occurrence in 2017.


Worldwide Chair and CEO Burson-Marsteller, Don Baer, thinks that every world leader is creating online communication that could present social and political context, and also share a taste of creativity and personality. Leader in business and other sectors could learn from the way governments have been utilizing Instagram.

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