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19 Jun 2017

Telkomsel Subscribers Plan to Go Home for Holiday? This is the information you need to know

It is fast approaching Ramadhan. For Kongkowers who plan to go home for the holiday, do not forget to prepare for personal belongings way in advance. Start preparing for a list of things you need to do as the time is fast approaching. For Kongkowers who are subscribers of Telkomsel, here are the information you need to know. 

Telkomsel has prepare special Telkomsel Booths at strategic locations throughout the major roads. These Telkomsel Booths will be operational throughout Ramadhan.   

There are over 84 GraPARI Telkomsel Siaga and 346 GraPARI Telkomsel Partner, 487 Mobile GraPARI, 81 MyGraPARI and 359 Branch Office Partner Distributor. At the same time, Telkomsel distributors will carry SIM Card and recharge voucher through 3.779 outlets. They are there to serve all of Telkomsel subscribers. 

Telkomsel subscribers can get product information and features through GraPARI, Call Center 188, Interactive Browser (UMB). Beside that, Kongkowers can also visit digital channel such as website, MyTelkomsel Application, e-mail,  TSELCHAT, Telkomsel Facebook account, Telkomsel Twitter account.

Telkomsel has also strengthened the backbone to meet all of Telkomsel subscribers throughout strategic road, especially thsoe congested areas throughout Ramadhan period. 

Telkomsel network will also be available throughout rest areas, airports, bus terminals, train stations, ferry terminals and holiday destinations. Other than that, Telkomsel network are also available at the mall, beaches, resorts, and hotels.  

There are 527 travel objects that are estimated to receive increased traffics between 7 days before Ramadhan and 7 days after Ramadhan.  This is because Indonesians are getting more socials. Right now, data usage is higher and growing faster than voice and SMS. Indonesians like to upload their photos into social media or instant messaging application. Indonesians also like to get food information, hotel information, and cultural information. 

Kongkowers also need to know that Telkomsel has strengthened its backbone network at over 1.500 Base Transceiver Station throughout Indonesia. Telkomsel has also prepared 89 mobile BTS to enhance its coverage. 

If Kongkowers want to get more information about video conference Telkomsel during this holiday seasons, please contact us at info [at] kongkow [dot] com or call us at 021-3049-9504.




Kongkow Team