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Home » Blog » paket-combo-simpati-–-nelpon-sms-dan-internet-murah-hanya-rp-25000-per-bulan-–-januari-2017
06 Jan 2017

Catatan: This article was first published in January 6, 2017. At that time, Paket Combo was available to some Telkomsel subscribers. This article has been revised on April 29, 2017. Kongkow Team found out that Telkomsel is no longer offering this package to its subscribers. For further question, please contact Telkomsel customer service. 


Happy New Year to Kongkowers! In this new year, we hope that Kongkowers will be more successful than the years before. In this article, we would like to share tips on how to get cheap rates for phone call, texting, and internet. Our recommendation for the month is Telkomsel Combo Package. In Bahasa, it is called Paket Combo Telkomsel.  The monthly price starts at Rp 25,000. Please review this article closely, and register ASAP. This price will not last. So, enjoy it while it lasts. 

In this article, we will not go through detailed steps on how to search for the Telkomsel Combo Package. Those steps were reviewed in the article last month. There are no changes in the registration process between this month and last Paket Combo Telkomsel

Why do we recommend this package? Because, the prices for Paket Combo Simpati and Paket Combo Kartu AS are the lowest price we have ever seen. For example, for Rp 25,000 per month, you get 200 minutes of phone calls within Telkomsel subscribers, 200 texts within Telkomsel subscribers, and 2GB of data. Now, the packages are different for each subscriber. These are the choices we have seen:

  • Rp 25,000 for 2GB Data, 200 Minutes of Calling other Telkomsel Subscribers, and 200 Text to other Telkomsel Subscribers.
  • Rp 50,000 untuk 2GB Data, 500 Minutes of Calling other Telkomsel Subscribers, and 500 Text to other Telkomsel Subscribers. 
  • Rp 60,000 untuk 2GB Data, 1000 Minutes of Calling other Telkmosel Subscribers, and 500 Texts to other Telkomsel Subscribers.

Now, we also like to share some of the most frequently asked questions from Kongkowers: 

Q:  Paket Combo Telkomsel did not show up on MyTelkomsel Apps. Can you help? 

A: This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get. It is true that not all Telkomsel subscribers get this special prices. From our experiences in the office, only about 40% staff get this package in our offices. We still do not know the criterias used by Telkomsel to determine eligibility for the best internet and the cheapest internet for the year 2017. There are several netizens who have asked Telkomsel care through Twitter. However, Telkomsel is being cryptic about their answer. They just responded "Combo Package can only be registered if the number is Whitelist." 

Q: I use more than 2GB per month for data. Is there any other cheap internet package from Telkomsel?

A: Based on our experiences, there is no cheaper packages other than this Paket Combo Telkomsel at this point in time. Our advice is to get a 4G phone with dual SIM card, and use other providers internet package. Indosat Ooredoo and XL Axiata have some of the best pricing internet package around. You should try each provider and see which one suits you the most. If you have dual SIM Card, you can use SIM1 for Telkmosel, and SIM2 with the other provider. Then, you just start using whichever provider has the most quotas, and if their signal is not good in a particular area, then you switch to the other providers. It will just take one or two clicks with a dual SIM card phone. 

Why do we recommend getting a dual SIM 4G phone with two SIM cards from different provider? The higher quota Telkomsel FLASH packages are quite pricey. As an illustration, if you get Paket Combo Telkomsel for Rp 25,000 /month and Paket Combo XL Axiata M for Rp 59,000 /month, then the total gigabyte of data that you are getting is 14GB (2GB from Telkomsel and 14GB from XL Axiata). So, the prices per gigabyte is only Rp 6,000. Very cheap indeed.. 

Q: I have installed MyTelkomsel apps on my phone. However, I cannot get into MyTelkomsel. Any tips?  

A: If you have enough storage on your phone, and the data or internet connection is good, there is no reason why you should not get connected to MyTelkomsel.

We suggest that you try the MyTelkomsel version on the web. If you can get in, that means that there is issues with the registration process. 

However, there are other factors that may take into account. You should really contact Telkomsel customer service for specific situation on your MyTelkomsel issues. 

Thank you.