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23 Sep 2016

Bebas Bicara Tri Package for Uber Drivers


Hello, Kongkowers. We have good news for Uber drivers that need affordable package to call toalloperators. This package can help you to save your phone credit for calling. Want to know how to get it?


Uber driver only needs to use Tri SIM Card and you can get 40 minutes of Bebas Bicara Tri package for Rp 5.000,- for 7-days of use. Cheap, isn’t it? You just need to:


  1. Buy Tri SIM Card (any type is fine)
  2. Buy Bebas Bicara Tri package; there are some choices:

15 minutes/day       : Rp 2.500,-

40 minutes/7 days  : Rp 5.000,-

120 minutes/30 days             : Rp 15.000,-

250 minutes/30 days             : Rp 30.000,-


What’s more interesting is that Uber drivers can use this to all operators. Yes, you can call to all operators! So, what are you waiting for? Register to Bebas Bicara Tri package right now!


How to register:

  1. Call *123#
  2. Choose menu “Call” (number 5)
  3. Choose “want”
  4. After Uber driver gets an SMS, confirm the desired package
  5. To STOP subscribing, Uber driver just needs to send STOP(space)anynet3c to 123 (depends on what package you activated before)


Well, just try this affordable package! It’s guaranteed that you won’t immediately run out of your phone credit.


Kongkow Team isn’t responsible to any change in the promotion. For more information about Bebas Bicara Tri package or 3CalltoAllOperators package, Kongkowers can visit or contact (021) 3049-9504.


Thank you.