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12 Jun 2017

Mobile Operators Will Prepare 300 Mobile Cellular Networks in Anticipation of Lebaran


In this Ramadhan month, which is getting closer to Lebaran, all mobile operators will prepare more than 300 cellular networks for customer’s needs. This preparation will be done to gear up with the spike in data traffic during Lebaran.


Recently, The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo), together with Indonesia Cellular Telecommunication Association (ATSI) and all mobile operators, carried out The Roll Call of Readiness of Telecommunication and Broadcasting Sectors to Anticipate Ramadhan and Lebaran.


It is estimated that mobile carrier will prepare more than 300 cellular networks—usually known as mobile BTS (Base Transceiver Station)—to some areas where there will have a rise of data traffic.


Some parties will be deployed to make sure of performance of the telecommunication networks and preparedness for broadcasting, especially to anticipate the increase and the movement of traffic during Lebaran homecoming. This includes the readiness of posts and support from any components of society.


Network testing will be conducted between May until mid-June 2017. The testing areas include: (1) the points of the departure of homecoming (Jakarta, Batam, Balikpapan), (2) homecoming and backflow routes (train and landline), and (3) the points of the arrival of homecoming (Surabaya, Bandung, Makassar, Medan, Padang, Lampung, Semarang).


Parameters in network performance that will be tested are:


Coverage & Signal Strength : Network Coverage & Quality of Mobile Phone Signal


Basic Telephony Service : Successful Call Ratio & Block Call Ratio, Drop Call Ratio on one mobile operator (on-net) and cross-operator (off-net).


Short Message Service (SMS) : Successful SMS Delivery Ratio on one mobile operator (on-net) and cross-operator (off-net).


Mobile Networks Service : HTTP Successful Attempt, and Quality of Internet Service (Data Throughput, Network Latency, Packet Loss).




The testing will be done whether together or individually (self-assessment), in accordance to these conditions:


  • The testing will be done on weekdays during peak hours, which is from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M., according to local time.
  • By using drive test method (in moving condition) on homecoming and backflow routes, and also stationary test method (in stationary condition), at the points of the departure/arrival on homecoming (airport, harbor, terminal, station) and inner cities.
  • The conditions of sampling and implementation of the testing for telephony service and SMS will be in accordance with Minister of Communication and Information Technology Regulation (PM Kominfo) No.16 of 2013 regarding Service Quality Standards of Basic Telephony Services on Mobile Cellular Network.


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