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15 Dec 2016

Why Kongkowers need to download MyTelkomsel Application


Hi, Kongkowers! Time does fly so fast, isn’t it? It’s already going to be the end of the year soon…


So, Kongkow Team wants to give interesting info so that you don’t need to memorize Telkomsel service code. There is an application called as MyTelkomsel. Had any of you already known about MyTelkomsel? If you haven’t yet, let’s check what MyTelkomsel is and its advantages.


MyTelkomsel is a service that’s launched by Telkomsel to give their customers an easy access to customer service through browser, smartphone, or tablet. MyTelkomsel application can also give information about customer’s profile, check simPATI quota and Telkomsel credit, and various purchase of Telkomsel service.


To put it simply, you don’t need to memorize Telkomsel service code—like *888# for checking phone credit, or *889# for checking bonus or quota. Just use MyTelkomsel, and Kongkowers can search for any service you need.


How to get MyTelkomsel application?

  1. Search “MyTelkomsel” in Google Play Store or App Store
  2. Open app, then put your phone number


If you have already been registered, you can check:

  1. Telkomsel Point
  2. Phone credit
  3. Quota
  4. TCash balance


Kongkowers can also purchase phone credit or internet package through MyTelkomsel. Efficient, isn’t it?


What’s more interesting in MyTelkomsel application is “Hot Offers” feature, in which Kongkowers can see and get special offers.


So, download MyTelkomsel in your handphone right now!


If you want to know how to save your phone credit to make conference call, or to register to Kongkow, you can visit


If Kongkowers have any question, contact us at (021) 3049-9504.





Kongkow Team