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Home » Blog » menggunakan-conference-call-malaysia-dengan-tarif-murah--hanya-tujuh-ratus-rupiah-per-menit
10 Apr 2015

In early February 2015, Kongkow Conferencing Team went to visit three countries (Malaysia, Singapore and China). In this blog, we want to share our experiencing using mobile operator in these three countries. We will describe our experiencing in using mobile phone in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). We will also conduct conference call between Malaysia and Indonesia so you know about the quality of Kongkow Conferencing when dialing in from Malaysia from the three mobile operator that we used. Knowing that audio conferencing kuala lumpur quality is good so you can have the confidence of using our service today. 

After we arrived at KLIA2 and withdrew cash from the ATM machine, we found lots of stands selling SIM card. There were few brands like Hotpoint Maxis, DiGi, Tunetalk, and others. We found out that prices of SIM card in Malaysia is generally higher than in Indonesia. The first card that we purchased was Hotpoint Maxis. With 19 Malaysian Ringgit (19 RM or about 68 thousands Indonesia Rupiah), we got a SIM card with voice quota, data quota and extra bonus. The salesman was also kind enough to cut the SIM card into Nano SIM card, which fit nicely into iPhone 5. He also helped in putting in the Nano SIM Card, and activated the Nano SIM Card at the same time.  He finally tested the card by opening up a browser page, and making a call to his own personal mobile phone. What a great service that we got from Hotpoint Maxis counter. We made a call into the hotel asking for direction, and the sound quality was good. On the bus ride to Sentral Station, we also tried calling the dial-in number for Kongkow Conferencing, and it was easy to connect. We also were able to utilize the Google Maps and other apps with ease.  

The second card that we purchased was DiGi. DiGi is one of Malaysia Mobile Operator, and the owner of DiGi is Telenor from Norway. The prices we paid was 15 Malaysia Ringgit (or about 54 thousands Rupiah). With this card, we can call Kongkow Conferencing at +622150158585 (Jakarta) or +623121158585 (Surabaya) with ease. The conference call quality was also very good. One of the thing we like about using DiGi is that we don’t have to dial the confusing digits (like how we dial 01017 in Telkomsel or 01000 in XL) to get the best international IDD rate.

The third SIM card that we purchased was Tunetalk. This MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is owned by Tony Fernandez. Mr. Fernandez is a famous entrepreneur from Malaysia who owns Air Asia, Tune Hotels, and other business under the brand of Tune Group. In actuality, Tunetalk does not have its own network. They leased it from Celcom, which also owns XL Axiata in Indonesia. In general, the quality of conference calling Malaysia from Tunetalk is excellent.

So, who is the winner???? It wasn’t an easy decision, because in general the voice quality from Malaysia to Indonesia is good. Which Malaysia mobile operator is the best to call Kongkow Conferencing? The winner is DiGI. First of all, the voice quality is the best. Second, the IDD service was easy to use (without dialing the VoIP code before dialing in +622150158585 or +623121158585). Third, the IDD rate from DiGI is very affordable (around 700 Indonesia Rupiah per minute).  The second winner is Hotpoint Maxis, which also provides an excellent customer service at its kiosk in KLIA2.

If you have any questions about teleconference Malaysia or how to best collaborate with coworkers and family in Malaysia or if you are interested in learning more about having a local Malaysia phone number for your teleconference needs, feel free to contact us at info[at]kongkow[dot]com or call us at 021-3000-5860 / 021-3049-9504. We can help meet your need in teleconferencing services Malaysia.