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23 Oct 2019

Get to know the Freedom Internet Package from Indosat Ooredoo

Hello readers! Currently, our activities cannot be separated from the internet. Finding the best data package is a must. One that you can try is Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo.

Indosat is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Indonesia. Indosat collaboration with Ooredoo makes Indosat network faster and wider. One result is the emergence of cheap internet packages, the freedom internet.

Overview of Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo

Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo is the latest product offered by Indosat Ooredoo. This product is the latest product that provides a solution to the common problems of existing data packages.

For example, there are no hour-restrictions. No need to worry about data packages can only be used at night.Then, there are no area restrictions. You also don't need to worry that your data plan can only be used in certain areas.

And finally, free of the sudden credit deduction. This is a big problem for some data packages, the credit suddenly runs out after using the internet. With Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo you don't need to worry that your credit will suddenly disappear.

Next, let us discuss one by one the strengths and weaknesses of Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo.

The Pros

At least, there are three advantages of Indosat Ooredoo internet freedom that you deserve to consider. What are they? Let's look one by one.

Worry-free of credit loss with the Pulsa Safe feature

The most annoying problem of any internet package is that our credit suddenly loss. Sometimes we are not careful to look after our data packages, so when browsing, even in a short time, our credit suddenly run out.

Now you can solve that problem with the Pulsa Safe feature of Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo. With this feature, you will not be charged the basic rate per kilo byte when your data plan runs out. So you can be more free to use internet packages.

Safe from basic rates

When subjected to basic internet rates, your credit will be very quickly used up. Even if you only use the internet for a few minutes. With Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo you will be safe from enacting basic internet tariffs. That's the main benefits of Pulsa Safe: your prepaid voucher will be safe from standard traffic rates for data usages. Your prepaid voucher will only be used to purchase data plan.  

That is, you are protected with two features namely Pulsa Safe and also exemption from basic rates. Very beneficial right?

Affordable prices

This is a feature that you should consider. Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo is offered starting at IDR 15,000. With this price, you already get a main quota of 2GB and are active for 15 days. In addition, the package is equipped with a Pulsa Safe feature.

There are several other options if you want a larger data plan. The highest package has a price of IDR 100,000. With this price, you will get a main quota of 25GB and be active for 30 days. Toll safe, area-free and hours of use are included in this package.

You can be free to use Conference Call Indosat Ooredoo with that much quota capacity.

The Cons

Next, you need to understand the shortcomings of this package, so you are more careful in buying.

Minute calls to all operators are few

This is one of the weaknesses of Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo. You cannot be free to make phone calls to other operators. This package only provides 5 minutes of calls to all operators.

No data rollover feature

This is also a big problem. If you buy a package with a large quota, your quota will expire if it exceeds the usage period. So, it's better to choose the appropriate quota that you must purchased.

Well, that is the discussion about Freedom Internet Indosat Ooredoo. Hopefully it can make you wiser in buying and using internet data packages.