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09 May 2017

Learning Different Types of Audio Conferencing


Hi, Kongkowers! Previously, we have discussed and learned about audio conferencing service, and now, we will explain various types of audio conferencing.

Nowadays, there are so many companies who are searching for audio conferencing—to employ teleconference as a way of communication—to reduce business costs. But, before buying audio conference, you should understand the different types of audio conferencing:

  • On-Premise Audio Conferencing : a company has audio conferencing tools of their own.

Example: Skype for Business. Even though it’s free, the company should have enough bandwidth or stable internet connection. If not, the communication may not go smoothly since Kongkowers really, really depend on the internet connection.

  • Audio Conferencing Provider - PSTN : a company uses PSTN-based service. Example: Telkom Permata. The downside is that if Kongkowers do not come on time, and the number of participants decrease or increase, Kongkowers should reapply for a meeting passcode number from Telkom Permata.

  • Audio Conferencing Provider - IP-Based: A company uses an IP-based service from a provider. Example: Umeetme, Skype
  • Audio Conferencing Provider - Hybrid : combination of PSTN and IP-based service.

     Example: Kongkow Conferencing

So, why is Kongkow Conferencing a type Audio Conferencing Provider - Hybrid? It is because Kongkow wants audio conferencing to be user-friendly, so that it will be efficient for a company who intends to conduct a teleconference. In case a company wants to try out Kongkow Conferencing, they don’t need to invest any tool nor install any software, this cutting the business costs. After all, Kongkow Conferencing is very easy to use. In addition, Kongkow Conferencing has a mobile app (Kongkow APP) to make conferencing even easier.

The following are the benefits of using Kongkow Conferencing:

  • Easy to use
  • No need to invest any equipment
  • No need for booking; subscribe, and then you can immediately start any conferencing.

If you want to try audio conferencing, you can start out our free basic plan by contacting: info [@] kongkow [dot] com or call 021-30499504.

If Kongkowers want to know different types of teleconferencing, see here.





Kongkow Team