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Home » Blog » mengapa-video-conferencing-masih-tidak-populer-di-dunia-bisnis-indonesia
22 Jan 2016

[This article was originally created in 22 January 2015. Since that time, it has been adapted to advancement in Indonesia on 06 April 2017)

Currently Indonesia business community desperately needs a good  teleconferencing service with affordable price to increase their productivity againts the bad traffics that happened in Jakarta and other big cities. Unfortunately, the current teleconferencing service requirement especially video conferences for business activity is still not being fullfiled yet. Here we will trace some of the reasons why the video conference is still difficult and expensive in our country today.

  1. A good internet connection is still scarce in this country. To use good video conferencing service you need a high speed internet access and high international bandwith. In the big city like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, there are several Internet Service Providers (ISP) like Biznet and First Media who can provide high speed internet access but still , their coverage area is still very limited.
  2. Video conferencing devices that are not compatible one to another is limiting interoperability. We are lucky because some equipment vendors such as Polycom technology, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, ZTE, Vidyo, LifeSize already present here. We also can access online conference application provided by Facebook, Yahoo Messengger, Google Hangouts, Line etc. Unfortunately these applications or the equipments can not work together. If you have a Polycom technology while your business associates using the Cisco, it will be difficult to integrate these two different systems.
  3. Lack of provider that focuses on quality, not price. Although there are lots of free video conferencing applications were found such as Skype, Google Hangouts and others, but these services have many limitations when used for business activity. Even the mobile applications vendors are getting on this space, like Tango, Viber, Line, and supposedly Whatsapp. This is caused because the provider application providers focus on business models such as the "monetization of advertising dollar" rather than focus on the quality of their services. However, business people require good quality with Service Level Agreement. 

We hope that the new Jokowi government can push a good infrastructure in the next few years. We also hope for new regulation of Menkominfo that supports a healthy business competition between ISP to provide high speed internet service inexpensively. Thus, it is not impossible Indonesia people could use the good service of video conferencing in five years ahead.

Anyway, for now we believe that Kongkow Conferencing is a reliable and affordable teleconference service that you can use for your business need. You don’t need a high speed internet acces or expensive equipment to do teleconference using Kongkow Conferencing, but you only need your regular phone device to comunicate to your business colleagues wherever they are. If you are keen on purchasing video conferencing equipment, we can also help you out. We will work with you to do thorough analysis to make sure that your infrastructure is ready to handle good quality video conferencing. 


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