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18 Sep 2017

Use Jabra 410 For Crystal Clear Conference Call


Hi Kongkowers, how are you? This time we want to review the speakerphone tool is simple, practical, and can be taken anywhere to support your conference call anywhere in Indonesia. Introduce you Jabra 410. Yes, this time we discuss the speakerphone from Jabra. Jabra which is famous for its cheap headset, now has a product line for speakerphone.


What is a speakerphone? Speakerphone is a blend of speakers and mic used for conference call. Its usefulness is almost similar to a phone conference, but because it is smaller in shape it is called a speakerphone.


The following features of Jabra 410:

- Portable Speakers

- HD Voice

- LED Indicator

- 3.5mm Jack Port Headset

- USB Cable

- Plug and Play


Jabra 410 will be connected to your notebook or PC. Open your conference call service and enjoy the speakerphone experience with phone conference facility in Indonesia.


Why do we need this speakerphone? When we do a conference call with a laptop or PC, the sound quality is often not optimal. But when using 1 laptop speakers and mic, voice disturbed because the speakers and mic laptop does not support for the conference. Based on the experience, we are looking for solutions to make the conference can be done with good quality. The solution is to use Jabra 410.


We recommend Jabra 410 for you who want to buy speakerphone. You can also check on, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak. But if Kongkowers wants a concurrent communication service, Kongkowers can try using Kongkow Conferencing, or want more info please contact us at 021-30499504 or info [at] kongkow [dot] com.


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