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05 Apr 2017

Benefits of Video Conferencing for Company

Hi Kongkowers. In the last blog, we discussed about the differences between video call and video conference. In this blog, we will discuss about the benefits of video conferencing for company.

These are the benefits of video conferencing for Company:

  1. Face to face Meeting: Kongkowers can meet together with other team members who are located in different cities or different countries.
  2. Interview: Company can save lots of money from flying in candidates when they do interviews through video conferencing. There are video conferencing facilities across Indonesia that does this facility. There are co-working spaces, virtual offices, and even startup hubs that have video conferencing facilities.
  3. Training: Training for new products can be conducted virtually so that travel costs and be saved. Virtual Training is the way to go with companies across Indonesia.
  4. HRD Coaching: Centralized HRD department can coach employees remotely. This will ease communication gaps.

From all the benefits above, there is a common theme: Company can save lots of money by using teleconferencing such as video conferencing. There are travel costs to be saved such as airplane costs, meal costs, hotel costs and other travelling costs. Also, we can increased productivity throughout company. The time that would've been spent travelling can now be spent on other productive activities. With Kongkow Video Conferencing, meeting can be conducted anywhere and anytime.

Kongkow Conferencing don't have to be afraid about the notorious Jakarta traffic. If you live in Bekasi, and have to go to remote office in Serpong, you can just conduct this meeting through Kongkow Video Conferencing.

If you are looking for Video Conferencing Solution in Indonesia, call us at 021-3049-9504 or email us at info [at] kongkow [dot] com

Team Kongkow