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24 Feb 2017

Live Conference Viewer


Well, we will explain a bit about the previous article of “Kongkow Updates 2017”. So, now, Kongkow Conferencing gives a limit of participants in conference call for free subscribers. But, for paid subscribers, they can still use Kongkow Conferencing without participant limit.


By the way, Kongkow Video Conferencing introduced some new packages: Kongkow Hallo, Kongkow Hub, and Kongkow Hybrid. So, companies can choose any package in accordance to their needs.


If a company wants to buy Kongkow Hallo and Kongkow Hybrid package, they can use LCV (Live Conference Viewer). What is LCV?


The functions of LCV:

  1. Monitoring the participants: conference leader can know who has joined to the conference. This feature is really useful when there are a lot of participants.
  2. Dial out the participants: conference leader can call the participants who are out of credit.
  3. Mute/unmute the participants: conference leader can unmute noisy participants. Of course, this feature will be useful for all participants. Clear sound quality is important for effective and productive teleconference experience.
  4. Disconnect the participants: conference leader can disconnect participants who have finished with the teleconference.


The advantages of dial out:

  1. Kongkowers don’t need to spend credit for conference call since you will be given package according to your company needs.
  2. Make it easier for the participants so they don’t need to dial in.


So, what are you waiting for? Register your company now!


If Kongkowers have any question about features in Live Conference Viewer, you can contact us at (021) 3049-9504.






Kongkow Team