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15 Dec 2016

KartuHalo Fit Hybrid Telkomsel - The All-in-One Package for Postpaid and the Simplicity of Prepaid


Hi, Kongkowers! Now, Telkomsel has a package to make a call or send SMS to fellow Telkomsel users. If you frequently call and send SMS to fellow Telkomsel users, it’s better to use this Halo Hybrid call package, because there are lots of bonus you can use. So, change your package right now!


Halo Fit Hybrid is a package from kartuHalo that allows customers to enjoy the privileges of a package of voice, SMS, and data for a price. Customers can also control their cost limit every month with the prepaid benefits in one number.


There are 2 choices of package if Kongkowers want to activate Halo Fit Hybrid:

  1. Halo Hybrid Voice and SMS: Rp 50,000, - with 300 minutes and 300 SMS (to fellow Telkomsel users) plus 20MB of data (volume based)
  2. Halo Hybrid Data: Rp 60,000, - with 30 minutes and 100 SMS (to fellow Telkomsel users) plus 2.5GB of data (volume based)


Well, if Kongkowers run out of limit in postpaid, you can change to prepaid. Then, top up your Telkomsel balance. Though, after you change to prepaid, Kongkowers can’t buy either Talkmania or data package. Also, the applied price is the basic price of Halo Fit Hybrid.


To check your quota of internet package in kartuHalo Fit Hybrid, you can call *111#. For KartuHalo Fit Hybrid, there is no subscription, but you should pay in accordance with the package you choose.


Kongkowers can see the bill or usage in 3 easy ways:

  1. MyTelkomsel Application (Download MyTelkomsel)
    • Choose “My Account”
    • Choose “Invoice”
  2. MyTelkomsel Website by entering your Telkomsel number and TCare PIN
    • Choose “Profile”
    • Choose “Invoice”
  3. *111#
    • Choose “Status & Invoice”
    • Choose “Invoice Info”
    • Choose “Check Invoice”


By the way, if you want to know how to save your credit for making a joint call or register to Kongkow Conferencing, you can visit


If Kongkowers have any questions about Kartu Halo conference call or Kartu Halo audio conferencing, you can contact us at (021) 3049-9504 or info [at] kongkow [dot] com.





Kongkow Team