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28 Aug 2017

Indosat and Tokopedia Collaborate in Selling Affordable Hajj Call Package 2017


There are a lot of breakthroughs that telecommunication operator has done nowadays. One of them, Indosat IM3 Ooredoo, collaborated with Tokopedia to sell Hajj Call Package. Indosat and Tokopedia work together in marketing so that customers get complete and affordable communication package during Hajj pilgrimage.


For prospective Hajj pilgrims, Indosat presented complete and affordable communication package while Hajj with IM3 Ooredoo for the sake of ease of communication during their trip.


Later, customers also can enjoy affordable service of calls, SMS, and internet. Indosat Ooredoo also cooperates with all operators in Saudi Arabia, thus customers will be served by operators which have the best and strongest network coverage.


So, customers won’t need to set or choose operator manually, and they can do their Hajj comfortably without changing SIM card. Also, customers can immediately use it for contacting families and relatives who are in Indonesia.


IM3 Ooredoo customers can enjoy variety of packages, such as Call & SMS Package, Internet Package, or combination package of Call, SMS & Internet. Tariff starts from Rp 200.000 for 40 days. The package will be applied when they arrive in Saudi Arabia. Package registration can be done easily through *122*1#, whether when they’re still in Indonesia or have arrived in Saudi Arabia.


Also, there is a daily promo tariff to make a call. Customers are charged Rp 3.000/minute for making a call to Indonesia number, and Rp 6.000/minute to Saudi Arabia number. For every SMS sent to any number, they are charged Rp 1.500, while receiving SMS is free. They can also enjoy using the internet all day, as much as they want, just for Rp 39.900 without registration needed.


Collaborated with Tokopedia, Indosat presented affordable and complete communication package while Hajj. Indosat wants every customer, especially Hajj pilgrim, to be able to go on a pilgrimage comfortably, so they don’t need to fret over their phone bill rising when they’re roaming in Saudi Arabia.


Every Hajj pilgrim can be connected to their families in Indonesia without worry, because the applied tariff is fixed rate—there won’t be any additional fee in the package with determined price. It’s guaranteed that they won’t get any rise in their bill while being in Saudi Arabia.


Families or relatives of the prospective Hajj pilgrims can also buy and give this Hajj package to their parents or relatives through Tokopedia, so the receivers can focus on preparing for their pilgrimage, starting from Indonesia to the Holy Land.


By the way, if Kongkowers want to have a communication with your flight group or families, you can use Kongkow Conferencing as your means of smooth and efficient communication.


If Kongkowers want to try Kongkow Conferencing service for two weeks for free, please input your data at


If Kongkowers have any question about conference call Ooredoo, you can contact us at (021) 3049-9504 or info [at] kongkow [dot] com.



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