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11 Sep 2017

How Does Young Generation Look Like in Digital Era?


Kongkowers may know that, nowadays, teenagers are susceptible to various effect of technology products. Even though, these young generation who has characters and strong leadership can be wonderful assets to build the future of the nation. How should young generation look like in digital era?


Well, rather than making negative communities, it’s better participate in community organized by XL Axiata: Youth Leadership Camp 2017 Program. This program was carried out in 3 countries: Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Jakarta.


This event was organized to shape leadership character for senior or vocational high school students, combined with guidance about positive ways to utilize digital technology.


It’s said that this program involved a total of 300 students from 150 schools, who had received invitation from XL Axiata and Ministry of Education and Culture to participate in XL Youth Leadership Camp 2017 Program.


Every chosen school should send 2 people, who are leaders of some organization in their own school. They would attend a camp in Yogyakarta, Semarang, and Jakarta.


This Youth Leadership Camp 2017 Program was a development from donation program of high-speed internet access provision, “1000 Broadband Schools”, which XL Axiata launched in early 2017 to various areas in Indonesia. A lot of recommendation, linked to the availability of high-speed internet access in every recipient school, was aimed to push digitalization in education world.


This XL Youth Leadership Camp was held in 2 days 1 night, with interactive and fun leadership training in form of games. The training material aimed to strengthen leadership capacity, which was focused on: critical and creative thinking, effective communication, digital teamwork, problem solving, outdoor teamwork, emotional intelligence, internet ethics, and Social Media 101.


In the future, leadership will help participants to prepare to live in society. It’s also expected that this program could help to overcome worries about the effect of radicalism and intolerance among senior or vocational high school students.


Participants are expected to be able to practice and familiarize themselves with—or share to their friends about—the knowledge given to them during the event.


If Kongkowers want to try Kongkow Conferencing service for two weeks for free, please input your data at


If Kongkowers have any question about school conference call, you can contact us at (021) 3049-9504 or info [at] kongkow [dot] com.








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