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Home » Blog » complete-review-for-telkomsel-halo-internet-packages
11 Sep 2019

The Halo Card is one of the best postpaid cards provided by the Indonesian telecommunications company, Telkomsel. This Halo Card offers excellent features and quality for its customers. Some of them are high-speed internet, good network quality, competitive data packages and exclusive rewards for customers.

The Halo card now has the latest superior package, the Halo-Kick. Through Halo-Kick, you can get high-quality Telkomsel packages at competitive prices. Until now, there are two types of choices available to you on Halo-Kick. What are the options, let's discuss one by one.

Halo-Kick Platinum

By choosing the Halo-Kick Platinum package, you can get classy choices and of course at competitive prices. Here you can get more quota, various kinds of rewards, entertainment options, and other premium choices.

Only with a monthly subscription fee of 300,000 rupiahs, you will get a total quota of 100 GB. The quota is divided into two categories, namely the main quota of 50 GB and the entertainment quota for YouTube and so on as much as 50 GB.

Besides, you will also get a 1000-minute telephone quota to fellow Telkomsel and 250 minutes to other operators. With that much phone quota, you can use it to conduct conference calls with family and friends. You will also get 1000 SMS quota to all operators.

In addition to the above package, by adding a monthly fee to 550,000 rupiahs, you will get a Halo Fast Track Card. The Halo Fast Track card will give you two times more quota than a regular Halo-Kick Platinum card. You will get a total quota of 200GB. Phone quota to fellow Telkomsel as much as 1000 minutes and to other operators as much as 500 minutes. Also, you will get 2000 SMS quota to all operators.

But for those of you who want a cheaper package Telkomsel  you can choose Halo-Kick Gold.

Halo-Kick Gold

By choosing Halo-Kick Gold, you will get a cheap Telkomsel package of the highest quality. The structure of the Halo-Kick Gold package is the same as the Halo-Kick Platinum. The difference is only in the amount of quota offered.

Halo-Kick Gold is available in two price options. First, with a subscription fee of only 100,000 rupiahs per month, you will get an internet quota of 30GB. The quota is divided into 15GB internet quota and 15GB quota for entertainment. Besides, you will also get a telephone quota to fellow Telkomsel for 100 minutes and to other operators for 40 minutes. For those of you who still need SMS, this package option is also equipped with a quota of 200 SMS to all operators. Not affordable enough.

If you want to get a bigger quota, you can increase payments to 150,000 rupiah per month, and you will get an internet quota of 50 GB. The quota is divided into 25 GB internet quota and 25 GB quota for entertainment such as Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, and the like. For phone quota, you will also get quite a lot of additional 200 minutes to fellow Telkomsel and 80 minutes to other operators. Plus, you will get a quota of 400 SMS to all operators.

Only by increasing the price by 50 per cent you already get a quota increase of 100 per cent. Besides, the Halo Card is indeed a superior product for Telkomsel conference calls because it has a wide choice of telephone quotas and also the best network quality.

As the best postpaid card in Indonesia, you will also get many benefits by using a Halo Card. For example, by making a payment of 300,000 rupiah upfront for Halo-Kick Gold, you will get two times Telkomsel reward. You can exchange these points for quota SMS, telephone, or other prizes. The Telkomsel Halo Card Package is indeed the best postpaid card choice for you.