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08 Aug 2017

Easy Way to Make Phone Call to All Operators with IM3 Ooredoo

Hello, Kongkowers! We hope you have a good start in this August. Also, we hope in this month, Kongkowers can be more productive with Phone Call to All Operators Package from IM3 Indosat Ooredoo. This Phone Call to All Operators Package can be used by customers of postpaid or prepaid package.


Kongkowers certainly have learned about postpaid package of Indosat Ooredoo that’s very useful, especially if all your families are using the same package. Kongkowers can save 50% more than subscribing individually. This package is called as Freedom Combo. Well, Kongkowers haven’t known yet about benefits of Phone Call to All Operators Package from Indosat Ooredoo, have you? It’s easy to get registered in this package: first of all, Kongkowers need to download myIM3 application from Google Play Store or App Store.


First step: Open myIM3 app from Google Play Store or App Store


Second step: Click “Offer” Tab


Third step: Choose one of the packages below, then click “BUY”



  • 30-days phone call - 150 minutes to all operators - Rp 70.000
  • 30-days phone call - 325 minutes to all operators - Rp 85.000
  • 30-days phone call - 600 minutes to all operators - Rp 135.000


Very cheap, isn’t it? With Rp 135.000 package, the price of calls is only Rp 325 per minute. Compared to basic tariff, this is a really big saving. The basic tariff for calls to all operators is usually around Rp 1.500 per minute. With this cheap calls package from IM3 Ooredoo, Kongkowers don’t need to keep SIM cards from other operators just to get a cheap price for making a call to other operators. With just one SIM card, Kongkowers can fulfill all your needs of data, streaming, social media, and calls to users of Indosat Ooredoo or other operators.


If Kongkowers want to try Kongkow Conferencing service within two weeks for free, please enter your data at this page.


How to use Kongkow Conferencing:

  1. Share the code/PIN and access code (the line is (021) 5015-8585 or 0888-6158585)
  2. Discuss about the meeting schedule
  3. Kongkow Conference Call can immediately be used if the participants can enter


If Kongkowers has any question or need information about Conference Call Ooredoo, you can call us at (021) 3049-9504 or email us at info [at] kongkow [dot] com. We can help Kongkowers in need of Conference Call IM3 Ooredoo.


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