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23 Mar 2018

How to Activate Call-to-All-Providers Plan from Telkomsel

Last Update: 28-JAN-2020

Hi, Kongkowers! Now, you don’t need to be afraid to make a call to different provider, because Telkomsel has released Call-to-All-Providers Plan. So, by using Simpati SIM Card to make a call to any provider, Kongkowers can freely talk to anyone without worrying over losing your phone credit.


Want to know how?

  • First, you only need to call *888*369#
  • Choose one from these Call-to-All-Providers Plan options:
  1. Monthly : 200 minutes/month = IDR 62.000
  2. Weekly : 40 minutes/week = IDR 17.500
  3. Daily : 20 minutes/day = IDR 5.750


  • For example, you choose the Monthly plan. Then, this will appear in your screen:


Are you sure you want to buy Call-to-All-Providers Plan for Rp 60.000,- with quota of 200 minutes, applied from 00:00 - 23:59 for 30 days? Enter 1 to accept

  1. Yes
  2. Back
  3. Home


  • After pressing 1, if Kongkowers has enough phone credit, you will get an SMS notification from Telkomsel like this:


You had successfully activated Call-to-All-Providers Plan of 200 minutes for 30 days.


Well, how does it sound? Nice, isn’t it? By providing cheap calls from Simpati to any provider, you don’t need to change your SIM card just to save the cost of calling to another provider.


Still afraid? Just try cheap phone call plan from Telkomsel!


By the way, if Kongkowers want to know how to save the credit for making a conference call, go visit If you want to sign up to Kongkow Conference Call, you can register by entering your name, email address, phone number, email password. Then, after getting the PIN/code, you can immediately use Kongkow Conference Call.


How to use:

  1. Share the code/PIN and access code (the line is (021) 5015-8585 or 0888-6158585)
  2. Discuss about the meeting schedule
  3. Kongkow Conference Call can immediately be used if the participants can enter the code / PIN


If Kongkowers has any question, you can call (021) 3049-9504

Or, if Kongkowers want to use Cheap Call-to-All-Providers Plan, you can see the article in our blog here.




Kongkow Team