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Home » Blog » bagaimana-layanan-telekonferensi-meningkatkan-produktifitas
28 Aug 2015

Businesses and enterprises has grown very quickly, high-productivity becoming an absolute requirement in every company. For a big company that has a lot of divisions and departements or a huge organizational structure, this is the right time to turn on the sophisticated communication services like conference call or teleconferencing. services plays as an important instrument to make your meeting activity become more efficient by saving time and letting you to keep working simultaneously. No more wasting your time to organized a face to face conference.

So how teleconferencing exactly increasing the productivity? For further more enlightenment, you should read the rest of this article.

Teleconferencing Assist HR Departments Productivity

The Human Resource Department is often busy organising payroll, human resource development programs,  working with hundred application letters and resumes, selecting potensial candidats from those hundred application form, hiring new faces, etc. They are seems like have no more time to organised meetings or discussions, whereas they still have much grievances that coming from the employess  and those need to be  analyzed and solved quickly..

Teleconferencing service would be a  good idea to deal with these situations. HR department will be able to coordinate across the business and include all relevant parties. They can quickly solve the employess grievances by making teleconferencing with the head of each departments or areas. This means productivity is increased and grievances can be dealt as soon as possible.

Teleconferencing Is Fit In Very Large Company

In a very large company such as multi nasional company. The office center often runing in a skyscrapers. Co-workes can be separated by multiple levels or even entire buildings. Teleconferencing service can effectively replaced unproductive face to face meeting that wasting much times. As departments within bigger businesses operate on different timetables and work schedules. Imagine the difficulty within organise times and places to a cross-department meetings. Unfortunately this uneffective meetings usually force them to left their current works awhile behind, because they have to move to the conference room.

Teleconferencing easily come in handy and employess can converse with up to hundred co-workers at once. This is more effective because the employess can still sitting at their desk with the phone hanging to hear the conference and can keep the strategy of the business streamlined across the departments. It will decrease up to two times uneffective times and increase the business productivity.

It’s Suit to the Home-Based Freelancer

Today home-based freelancers growing rapidly around the world then ever before, and there is no different in Indonesia. We know that freelancers getting many benefits from working at home, but many valuable and significant times are wasted by frequent travel to and from the business. To increase the productivity, teleconferencing service is the right answer to decrease the frequent business travel. Freelancers can achieve more new potential project while remaining an important part of projects at work. In term of efficiency and multi tasking, freelancers realy need this kind of service.