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Home » Blog » bagaimana-kartu-super-ngobrol-dari-xl-axiata-bisa-menghemat-pulsa-kalian
18 Sep 2019

The use of conventional phone credit today, such as for telephone calls and text messages, seems to have been very rare. But for some things, you definitely need to make phone calls and send SMS. There are bound to be obstacles you face, namely telephone rates and also sending very expensive text messages. Now you can use cheap xl axiata telephone packages that will save your credit many times over.

What is the product description like? Let's discuss one by one.

Overview of XL Super Chatting starter pack             

XL Super Chat is a starter card issued by XL Axiata to facilitate you in making calls and SMS at very cheap rates. By using XL super ngobrol you can make unlimited free phone calls and SMS to fellow XL and also to Axis numbers.

Also, if you want to contact other operators, you will get very cheap rates. Even better, you can get all this without activating specific packages. So you don't need to worry if your credit suddenly runs out because you forgot to activate the package.

In addition to having cheap telephone and SMS rates, there is no need for you to activate the package to make this super chatting XL card very appropriate to save on your credit. You don't need to worry about expensive tariffs. And do not have to bother activating the package every time you make a phone call or SMS. And more importantly, don't worry that your credit will suddenly disappear because you forgot to activate the packet.

XL Super Ngobrol Rates

With this card, you can make calls and SMS both at home and abroad at very competitive rates. The following is an explanation of each.

SMS rate

This super chatting XL SMS card tariff is very cheap compared to other operators currently available. You can send SMS to XL / Axis operators as much as you like and it's free. Very extraordinary is not it.

But of course, you have many friends who don't use XL or Axis. You don't need to worry because you will only be charged an SMS fee of IDR 50 / SMS.

Even better, you don't have to register a package to get the package. So you only need to pay 50 rupiahs per text. In essence, you only pay for the texts you send.

There's no more story about your SMS package being forfeited because you only use 10 of your quota of 100 free SMS.

Local Call Rates

Similar to texting, you can make phone calls to XL and Axis operators as much as you want for free. So if you are communicating by telephone intensively, you can ask your interlocutors to use an XL or Axis card.

If you make phone calls to numbers other than XL and Axis, you will only be charged a tariff of Rp. 1 / second. Very cheap, isn't it. But, since July 10, 2018, the rate will be accumulated per 10 seconds. So, for example, if you make a phone call for 13 seconds, it will count as 20 seconds. This tariff is also very appropriate for conducting conference calls. So xl axiata conference call is indeed the right choice for you.

But of course, this rate is still very competitive compared to that provided by other operators. And what's more, you don't need to activate any package to get this rate. So you only pay for what you use. And no need to throw away the rest of your call packages.

International Call Rates

If you have relatives overseas, this xl super ngobrol card is perfect for you. You can call 19 destination countries with a tariff of only Rp. 1 / second. You can get this rate by using dialling code 01000.

The phone tariff and SMS for xl super ngobrol is very cheap right. And it is obvious how this xl super ngobrol card can save your credit. No need to worry and complicated in activating telephone or SMS packages. There's also no need to pay for phone or text packages that you only use a little.

The XL super ngobrol card is indeed the right choice to save your credit.