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Home » Blog » affordable-internet-package-and-free-roaming-using-xl-combo-xtra
09 Sep 2019

Are you looking for a cheap internet package that comes with free chat? Usually, you need to prepare several cards to get these two different features. But with the xtra combo package from XL, you can get both in one place.

What are the features provided by this xtra combo package? Let's see one by one.

Overview of the Xtra Combo Package from XL

The Xtra Combo Package or the official product name is the Xtra Combo package is an internet package from XL that allows you to get a 24-hour quality internet network and YouTube streaming service without quota.

Also, you will get a quota to make phone calls to all operators for free. The superior product of the xtra combo package from XL is the Xtra Combo VIP which consists of five package options. Like what features are provided by each package? Here goes the explanation.

Xtra Combo VIP

This Xtra Combo VIP package aims to provide you with VIP internet services plus free calls to all operators. There are several VIP features that you can get with this package, including Youtube without quota, VIP network quality, anti-scorch quota, and also you can use Iflix VIP without having to subscribe.

Also, you will get a free telephone quota every day, to all operators. By using this package, you will always get the best network quality. If your package quota is not used up, then you can use it in the next package period, without the need to add costs.

For those of you who like watching movies via iflix, you can get VIP iflix without having to subscribe if you use this Xtra Combo VIP.

There are five choices of VIP Xtra Combo packages that you can get. Here goes the explanation.

Xtra Combo VIP IDR 69,000

This package is valid for 30 days. If you buy this package, you will get a main quota of 5GB that you can use on 2G, 3G, or 4G networks.

This main quota is valid for 24 full days. You will also get a 5GB YouTube quota that can be used for 24 hours. Well, this package also provides Youtube Without Quota from 12 pm until 6 am. Do not forget you will get a daily telephone quota of 20 minutes to all operators.

Xtra Combo IDR 99,000

This package has the same structure as the previous package. It's just that the main quota and Youtube quota that you get at 10GB. And the phone quota that you get as much as 30 minutes to all operators. Provisions for youtube without quota are also the same as the previous package.

Xtra Combo IDR 139,000

This package is structurally the same as the previous package. The difference is in the amount of the main quota, YouTube quota, and the phone quota that you get. The main quota and YouTube quota that you get are 15GB each. Meanwhile, you will also get a phone quota of 40 minutes to all operators every day.

Xtra Combo IDR 189,000

By paying a monthly subscription fee of 189,000 rupiahs, you can get the main quota and youtube quota of 20GB each. Besides, every day you will also get a phone quota of 60 minutes to all operators.

Xtra Combo IDR 249,000

This is the most expensive xtra combo package. If you subscribe to this package, you will get the main quota of up to 35GB. You will also get the main YouTube quota of 35GB. And every day you will get a phone quota of 90 minutes to all operators.

If the quota is too much, don't worry that it will expire later. Because of the remaining quota, you can use in the next package period. And you don't need to pay extra for that. Very interesting is not it.

Following the information, the xtra combo package is indeed very appropriate if you use it for the internet and also for conference calls. Indeed the xtra combo package is one of the best conference call xl products.


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