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07 Aug 2017

 3 Easy Steps to Use Kongkow Screen Sharing

Hello, Kongkowers! How are you, Kongkowers from all over Indonesia? We hope you’re all good and well.

This time, we want to share 3 easy steps to use Kongkow Screen Sharing. Screen Sharing Indonesia? What is the function of Screen Share Indonesia? What’s the difference between Kongkow Screen Share and Screen Share Skype? Well, we will explain what screen sharing is and its benefits. After that, we will share tips on how to use screen sharing feature in Kongkow Conferencing.


Screen Sharing is one of the newest feature that had been introduced by Kongkow Conferencing. With Screen Sharing feature, Kongkowers can share your screen with your colleagues. Aside from sharing presentation (Powerpoint), document (Word), spreadsheet (Excel), web browser (Google Chrome), Kongkowers can also share your desktop (computer screen). This service is ready to use for customers of Kongkow Conferencing, especially the ones who have subscribed to Kongkow Hub. If Kongkowers haven’t been ready yet to subscribe, you can have a free trial for 2 weeks. Sounds nice, right?


There are a lot of benefits from screen sharing. With Screen Sharing feature, software or application training can be done virtually (virtual training indonesia), so people don’t need to spend more time and money to travel. Of course, this feature will be useful for companies who have many branches, or educational institutions who have many students in various cities in Indonesia. Get ready for distance learning indonesia! Saving a lot of time and cost that otherwise will be used for traveling—an excellent combination in this expensive age.


Well then, how to use this Kongkow Screen Sharing?


First, download Google Chrome Extension from Google Chrome Store, or get it immediately from this link. Then, click install, and Kongkowers can get Kongkow Conferencing Screen Sharing Plugin on your computer or laptop.


Second, open Kongkow Conferencing website to start conferencing and screen sharing. Use the given username and passcode.


Third, after you have logged in, click Desktop icon at the below right side. A prompt box will pop up, asking whether you allow this application to share your screen. Click “Yes” to continue.


Easy, isn’t it? This Screen Sharing can be recorded too, you know. Kongkowers can have audio-only recording or video recording for all the session in the determined time. No doubt this will come in handy for colleagues who can’t attend a webinar. Kongkowers just need to send a download link to them so that it can be watched later.


Kongkow Screen Sharing also has another benefit than Skype Screen Share. With Skype Screen Share, Kongkowers need to install Windows application, while Kongkow Screen Sharing just needs Google Chrome Extension without installing Windows program. Moreover, since Kongkow Screen Sharing server is right here in Indonesia, Kongkowers would be supporting local products!


We hope this article is helpful for Kongkowers. If Kongkowers have any question or need information about Screen Sharing app, please contact us at (021) 3049-5504 or email us at info [at] kongkow [dot] com.