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Home » Blog » 15gb-telkomsel-sakti-card-that-can-disappear
02 Dec 2019

15GB Telkomsel Sakti Card that Can Disappear

You have certainly heard of the term Kartu Sakti Telkomsel. Actually, what is the Kartu Sakti? In this article, we will thoroughly examine Kartu Sakti Telkomsel. 

Kartu Sakti  is a special type of card issued by Telkomsel. This card is given to Telkomsel customers who have moved to other providers. This card is sought after by telephone users because the call rates and the internet are very cheap.

Basically the Kartu Sakti is a Telkomsel card that has a long active period. The average Kartu Sakti has been used for a minimum of three to four years. Therefore, many Kartu Sakti is in the form of Simpati and As Cards (KartuAs) compared to Loop Simpati cards.

The reason is simple, because the Simpati and As card has been around for a long time. Then, what is often complained by the owner of the Kartu Sakti  is, the Kartu Sakti feature suddenly disappears.

What causes the Kartu Sakti feature to disappear? This Kartu Sakti feature disappears because the user switches to another package offer. In fact, until now, Kartu Sakti is still offered by Telkomsel.

But, before you start hunting for Kartu Sakti Telkomsel, you first need to learn the advantages and disadvantages of this card.


Here are the advantages of Kartu Saktis that you need to know.

Large internet quota of 15GB

Telkomsel Kartu Sakti provides a large enough internet quota. For only Rp. 75,000, you have got the main 15 GB quota which is active for 30 days. This quota can be used for 24 hours and can also be used in any region.

You will get the best internet quality with the support of Telkomsel network stability and quality. Moreover, Telkomsel currently has reached all regions in Indonesia. Including mountainous and remote areas.

So, having an internet package from Telkomsel Kartu Sakti is an advantage for you. Because the price of Telkomsel internet data packages in general has a more expensive price.

Large Call and SMS Bonuses

In addition to getting an internet quota, you also get phone and text quota. No half-hearted, you can make unlimited phone calls to fellow Telkomsel. That is, for 30 days, you can make calls to Telkomsel numbers as you like.

This bonus is very useful if you often use Telkomsel conference calls.

Meanwhile, for telephone calls to other operators you get a 100 minute quota. So, if many of your colleagues and friends use Telkomsel, having a Kartu Sakti is a big advantage.

In addition to phone calls, you also get an SMS package of 500 SMS. It's just that this SMS can only be used to fellow Telkomsel. It's quite profitable considering the price you pay is only Rp. 75,000.

Next, let us also discuss the lack of powerful Telkomsel cards.

Lack of Kartu Sakti Telkomsel

Here are the shortcomings that are owned by Telkomsel Kartu Sakti. You need to consider before deciding to buy this card.

Can disappear at any time

The main problem that is often complained of by Kartu Sakti users is that this Kartu Sakti feature suddenly disappears. Usually, the Kartu Sakti menu is no longer available on the front page of Telkomsel and what appears is a regular menu.

Actually, this Kartu Sakti disappeared because Telkomsel did not activate this product. However, usually the previous user has changed to another package, so that the Kartu Sakti feature is lost.

Although there are several ways to restore the Kartu Sakti menu, but you need to be prepared if this risk occurs.

Prices Can Go Up To Rp. 85,000

Furthermore, another disadvantage of Kartu Saktis is that the price can suddenly go up. If previously delivered you can get a Kartu Sakti package for only Rp. 75,000, then there are some cases where the price of the package goes up to Rp. 85,000.

That's the discussion about Telkomsel Kartu Sakti. Hopefully it can enrich the insight and information you have.

We hope this article is useful for Kongkowers. Have a good day! If Kongkowers have a need for Telkomsel sakti card or audio dan video conferencing, contact us at 021-3049-9504 or info [at] kongkow [dot] com.