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22 Dec 2014

10. Move closer to work. Just count the savings that you will get by moving closer from Bodetabek (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi) to Jakarta.  

9. Carpool with friends / neighbors who lives and works in the same vicinity. Carpool saves time and money. #BeriTebengan 

8. Buy a bike. There's no gasoline needed to power a bicycle. You may even lose weight in the process. 

7. Take the busway to office. There's no increase in busway ticket.  @Transjakarta 

6. Combine multiple trips into one trip. It's wasteful to go back and forth to nearby places.  

5. Walk.  It's free and healthy. Try it if you have nearby places. 

4. Change your gasoline-powered car into LPG/CNG-powered car by using a converter. It's cheaper on the long run, since the price per liter is only 3000 Rupiah. 

3. Follow the work schedule of Ministry of Fishery (Mrs. Susi) from 7am-3pm. When the street does not have traffic jam, you use less gasoline as well. 

2. Take the train. So far we haven't heard any increase in price. Moreover, our train has improved tremendously since Mr. Jonan takes over KAI. 

1:  Meeting by phones instead of face to face.   Use Kongkow Conferencing service.  Save time, money and gasoline. Save up those gasoline money.  Sign up Today! #hargaBBMnaik #salamgigitjari