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12 Mar 2014
Kongkow Conferencing is a conference call application we provide for Indonesian people to make a convenience teleconference with colleagues trough phone calls. Kongkow Conferencing offers an easy, instant and cost-effective conference call. &l Read More
07 Mar 2014
Exactly a month ago, we soft launched the first reservationless conferencing call in Indonesia. What does reservationless means? It means that you only need to sign up once with us, and the pin code that you get stays with you whenever you want to have a conference call. Whenever you want to to have Read More
07 Feb 2015
Kongkow Conferencing is a new and innovative service offering in Indonesia. With this service, you can communicate with your colleagues and clients across Indonesia. Teleconference allows you to get closer with colleagues in different parts of the country, even the world.  Please visit our website to learn more Read More